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A lot of our (potential) clients want to learn more about SEO. We think that's fine - the more the client knows about the subject, the easier our job will be. So we selected some of the best books available and present you with a review. Some books are also suitable for those who want to do their own website promotion. Others are just good reads about our common interest: search engines and internet marketing. Pick your choice!

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Google Hacks
100 Industrial-Strength Tips and Tricks

cover Both webmasters and researches will benefit from the knowledge in this best selling book about the Internet's favorite search engine. The SEO section is written by Webmasterworld founder Brett Tabke.
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Designing Persuasive Web Sites

cover The best book on usability and designing a professional site we've read. Written in plain, non technical English this book will be appreciated by webmasters and web site owners alike.
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Search engine visibility

cover A review will be added as soon as possible.
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