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This review is brought to you by HitProfs SEO Services. Highly recommended book!

Google HacksAudience: researchers, programmers, webmasters

Google Hacks
100 Industrial-Strength Tips and Tricks

Google Hacks is one of the few computer books that made it into the New York Times Bestseller list. It tells you how to take the most out of your favorite search engine in more ways you can imagine. In eight sections Google Hacks teaches you how to search better (including news, directory and images searches), how to make use of the numerous options and applications available and even how to play with Google. Google Hacks explains in detail how to benefit from the Google API (Application Programmer's Interface) and how to integrate Google results into your own web site.

Very interesting for our visitors: Google Hacks ends with a section for webmasters. The 'how to optimise your site for Google' pages are written by nobody less than Brett Tabke, founder of Webmasterworld.com, the leading SEO forum also known as SEO University. These hacks are a crash course in Google SEO and will work in many other search engines as well. Hack #96 - also written by Brett Tabke - is a bonus and explains in 26 steps how to build and maintain a profitable web site in one year. And that's just one hack!

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Google Hacks
100 Industrial-Strength Tips and Tricks

By Tara Calishain & Rael Dornfest
Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN: 0-596-00447-8
Paperback, 330 pages, published Februari 2003
List price: $24.95 US, $38.95 CA, 17.50 UK
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